DARC | Aluminum

Dimensional Restoration | Cold Spray

Blended aluminum 7075 based powder designed for dimensional restoration and cosmetic repair using N2 cold spray.

Lug Shear
> 20ksi
< 0.5% (N2)
> 9 (Glue Failure)ksi
> 100HV
*All mechanical properties are as-sprayed
21 28 39 57 69

This aluminum 7075 alloy-based powder is (1) heat treated to remove detrimental surface contaminants and improve mechanical properties and (2) blended with a ceramic shot peening agent to drastically enhance the quality of the coating when manufactured via nitrogen cold spray. The aluminum powder is additionally air classified to establish an optimal particle size distribution and then blended at the ideal ratio of aluminum 7075 : shot peening agent. Prior to cold spraying this material, a bond coat material [DARC-AL7075BC-G1H1] is recommended to establish a stronger bond between the substrate and coating. The intended use for this powder is applications that require dimensional restoration or cosmetic repair. Powder is inertly packaged in mylar bags ranging from 1-10 lbs each. Each lot of powder is characterized to ensure quality with a shelf life of 3 years.

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