WIP | Carbide

Wear and Impact/Corrosion | Cold Spray

Wear and impact resistant chrome-carbide material designed specifically for establishing a bond coat between substrate and buildup coating (WIP-C1 or WIP-C2).

> 10 (bond strength on hardened steel)ksi
*All mechanical properties are as-sprayed
42 52 62 75 91

This chromium carbide-based bond coat material is agglomerated with nickel using an optimized particle size distribution. WIP-BC1 is designed to be cold sprayed as the first layer to appropriately prepare harder substrates for coatings. The material is used to establish a stronger bond between the substrate and coating when a hard substrate is required. WIP– BC1 has very high flowability and is inertly vacuum sealed for long shelf life and transport. This particular series of material is designed as bond coat material only and can be cold sprayed with either nitrogen or helium carrier gas. WIP – C1, WIP-C2, and WIP-W1 all adhere well to this bond coat, eliminating the risk of coating delamination and interfacial porosity. WIP – BC1 can be packaged in 1, 2.5, 10-pound bags.

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